Royalway Media specializes in communication strategies that help governments, multi-lateral agencies, NGOs and corporations influence behavior and achieve program objectives. Our behavior change interventions create demand for products and services, mobilize communities, address policies and laws, and improve individuals and communities.

Understanding influences. Influencing behaviour

Behaviors and decisions are not as rational as people would like to think. Instead, they’re shaped by a complex mix of norms, emotions, biases, and beliefs.

At its heart, behavior change marketing is about understanding these influences to shape new behaviors. Not only changing people’s minds but changing the things that they do.

It’s how we can help people do the right thing.

Our agency's mantra, 'For people with purpose.' is underpinned by creative thinking.

Our multidisciplinary team works at the intersection of Uganda’s community norms, cultural values, and communication channels, allowing us to create elegant behavior change strategies leveraging integrated solutions. Speak to us today to roll out your SBCC program ranging from:

Health & Risk Communications.

Civic &Voter Education.

Community Mobilization and Action.