Royalway Media recognizes its responsibility to conduct business in a way that improves the well-being of the people and protects the state of the environment for future generations. As a leading firm, we understand that the long-term well-being of society, the well-being of our colleagues, the strength of the global economy, and the continuing success of our own business depend on our commitment to sustainability and taking strategic efforts to promote and create a balance between People, Profit, and Planet.

Sustainability is an integral part of being a successful business and we always aim to act in an ethical, transparent, and responsible way. Naturally, we expect our business partners to do the same. Our Sustainability Commitment is a set of requirements that applies to everybody we do business with and is well embedded within our Brand DNA as illustrated below:

TRANSPARENCY & COLLABORATION: Transparency and collaboration a critical commodities for high-performing teams because it is a quick way to establish trust. We are keen to openly work with our customers, suppliers, and regulators like URA, PPDA, KCCA, URSB, United Nations and endeavor to play our role transparently and collaboratively.

IMPACT ON PEOPLE: We respect human rights, promote inclusion, and champion diversity throughout our work and supply chain — and call on our Business Partners to do the same. Our company culture is an attitude and environment where we cultivate collaboration, productivity, and satisfaction among its employees. In our environment, managers trust their employees to produce quality work and make good decisions. Employees respect one another and work well as a team to complete projects

REDUCING CARBON FOOTPRINT: Reducing carbon footprint is a crucial step towards a sustainable future. We often identify ways to reduce our carbon footprint through: 

Reducing energy consumption.

Switching to renewable energy sources.

Encourage sustainable transportation.

Work with sustainable suppliers.

Investing in green growth.

CLIMATE CHANGE EDUCATION & LITERACY: We leverage our talents &expertise in communication to promote climate action by designing awareness messages, and communication tools and work with partners like the Rotary Club of Acacia Sunset to help people understand and address the impacts of the climate crisis, empowering them with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to act as agents of change