Our research design is flexible to match your needs and standards are maintained by our methodology leaders within our team (qualitative techniques, sample design, product testing, tracker studies, pricing studies, etc.) Below are some of the research areas we have over the years undertaken.
Market Research
  • Market entry surveys
  • Qualitative market analysis
  • Brand Tracking
  • Usage and Attitudes
  • Product Tests
  • Client Satisfactions
  • Brand Image
  • Impact Monitoring
Social Research
  • Baseline Surveys
  • KAP Surveys
  • Case Studies
  • Emersion Study
  • Opinion Polls
  • Feasibility Studies

Professionally Curious Change Agents

At Royalway Media we are a community of professionally curious investigators whose purpose is to design research, collect information and provide insights to support business, government and society's need to make decisions based on evidence collected from real humans. RoyalWay Media conducts both Market and Social research through Uganda.
Market and social research provides accurate and timely information on the behavior, needs, attitudes, opinions and motivations of a population. Armed with this knowledge, businesses are able to develop products and services to meet the desires of their customers and governments can tailor policies and programs to the needs of citizens. Also, important national statistics on social issues, television ratings, tourism movements, unemployment and so on can be reliably determined.

We provide Research services designed for the African continent with international standards in mind.